Founder of SLXT MERCH, Simryn Thind has been featured in Brown Girl Magazine (USA), Homegrown (India), Vice (India) and Sunday Mid-day (India) for the "SLUT" tattoo on her inner lip and what it means to her. She was also featured in Behind the Business Podcast where she discusses her SLXT journey which is available on Spotify. SLXT MERCH is featured in the Teafannie music video "Kings" where she is wearing the merch and modeling it herself. Teafannie's song "SLXT" was made just for the brand and this was performed at the official launch party (available on Instagram and Facebook). Obsessive Compulsive Mag did a piece on her launch party at a gin distillery, Confluence Distilling. (Article links below). 

Although some think she is insane for getting this tattoo, it also carries a message. Her goal is to take the negative power away from this word that is so often used to shame women who embrace their sexuality. Women must have an equal voice and not be stigmatized for doing the same thing that men are praised for. This double standard is increasingly becoming a problem in society and directly discriminates against women. She believes it is her responsibility to take a stand against sexism and derogatory labeling to promote gender equality, gender fluidity and sexual freedom.

Because of this tattoo, she was inspired to start her own genderless clothing line, SLXT MERCH, that promotes the cause by empowering women, BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community.