SLXT MERCH sells superior quality, genderless pieces for the bold, sexy, confident & slutty human.

SLXT MERCH blends the lines between sexually suggestive imagery & quotes with luxury & elegance.

Its staple pieces push boundaries with its messaging, always making a statement. Known as hook-up wear, we want you to wear these to your dxck/pxssy appointments and your one night stands.

SLXT MERCH's mission is to reclaim the word "SLUT," remove the negative connotation associated with the word "SLUT" and to prevent SLUT shaming.

SLXT MERCH is inclusive and empowers women, BIPOC & the LGBTQ+ community. It promotes sexual freedom, gender equality & gender fluidity. It reclaims the word "slut" while shedding a positive light and putting a humorous spin on labelling.

How It's Made

Pronounced "SLUT MERCH," SLXT MERCH uses bamboo cotton for the underwear pieces and a superior, soft cotton for the tees, sweatshirts, toques and masks. Don't let ass acne and bacne destroy your confidence at hook ups. Bamboo cotton is a soft, breathable and sustainable fabric. We only use the best! 

Everything is made in Canada. Support local, WOC-owned businesses. No sweatshops and eco-friendly.

All pieces are printed or embroidered only using the best technology so that you can wash over and over without the SLXT washing off of you.

SLXT MERCH is also partnering up with different charities throughout the year to donate proceeds to.

SLXT MERCH was created by Simryn Thind. She is a Canadian fashion stylist, model and now designer. She is a proud woman of color and proud SLXT.